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When you listen what do you hear?  When you touch what do you feel? 


The Discovering Poetry Project combines audio/visual presentations and printed worksheets

to encourage children to write poems about their own experiences of everyday life.

The Discovering Poetry Project was commissioned in conjunction with Paisley University, The Scottish Poetry

Library and Learning & Teaching Scotland as a creative writing tool for use in education. It has been extensively

used in workshops in schools and community groups, with cross curriculum benefits including creative writing,

art, performance, observation and literacy.


The workshops can be conducted as part of larger themed projects focusing on the environment, the local area,

recycling or the pages of history. All of the 'habitats' and a selection of the 'inhabitants' are shown below.

Click here to find out more about the Discovering Poetry Project.


"Enables children to produce good written work through environmental education"

Jackie McBurney Environmental Education Officer


"The quality of the work produced was good because the children were motivated in an appropriate way"

Anne Kennedy, Deputy Head Teacher, Ferguslie Primary


"Fun to use and accessible. Great potential!"

Education Officers, Scottish Poetry Library

Produced in conjuction with the English Language 5-14 National Guidelines.

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