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Commissioned by Morrison's Primary School to transform the existing school

library into a unique, magical and enchanted forest learning space to help educate

and inspire children to express themselves through art and creative writing. 

This featured a dramatic and colourful Scottish/Celtic inspired landscape

populated with existing and mythological characters presented under a forest

canopy, surrounded by high mountains looking out to the sea.


The main feature is a magical tree made from ropes and felted leaves which

rises to the ceiling and bridges the main space withthe central corridor of the

school. The tree features a round seat and enchants passers by

encouraging them to discover further! 


The mural was created alongside felt making workshops involving teachers,

pupils and parents who made drapes for the room and leaves for the central tree.

The space is now fully utilised not only in it's role as the school library but also as a unique

additional classroom for the P1, 2 and 3 classes for specialised and creative learning.

The images below show the different stages to the completion of the project.

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