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Neil specialises in Rich Picture Art which helps facilitate corporate communication within larger organisations.

Rich Pictures provide visual solutions to help develop future product concepts, manage change processes and assist in the articulation of a future strategic vision. The Rich Picture is a detailed, complex image which performs an inclusive function by featuring all partners that contribute to the overall scheme. Due to the sensitive nature of the material the project is often

subject to confidentiality which does not allow sharing to a wider audience.

He also specialises in illustrated maps for use in visitor attractions and tourism.  Bespoke Illustrated visitor maps improve customer service for organisations and attractions seeking to communicate key features. The maps present the venue in an attractive, friendly manner and help provide a better all round visitor experience.

Neil has to understand the business processes and develops a brief on a one to one basis or in a group workshop format where

he articulates the client's needs by visualizing their idea's on paper in the form of preliminary development drawings and sketches.  This has led to an interesting and exciting journey, which has allowed him to develop his own style, working for

a variety of organisations in a range of different industries including: Halifax IF Bank, Scottish Enterprise,

Historic Scotland, The Scottish Consumer Council, The Scottish Maritime Museum, Mistsubishi,

The Alloway 1759 Festival and Ayrshire and Arran Tourism.


Many of the illustrations are scanned and coloured using a digital tablet and pen although he continue to sketch

and draw by hand. This assists the editing process for development to finished draft.


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