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Community Art: Red Squirrel Community Woodland Project  

Client: Argyll and Highlands Enterprise, The Forestry Commission


Project to raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues about the habitat and activities of the Red Squirrel,

 involving the creation of Red Squirrel woodland trails such as the Cormonochan Community Woodland Trail and

the Strone Brae Garden in Argyll and the Loch Lomond National National Park.

Neilsart required to to design and illustrate interpretation panels featuring along the routes also coordinating various organisations

including the Forestry Ranger Service, who helped organise workshops and provided the technical advice and local schools who provided poems and pictures produced at workshops , a wood sculptor who created the red squirrel themed wood sculptures and  a sign

company who produced the information panels. Neil utilised a creative writing education tool he has developed, The Discovering Poetry Project to help encourage children  to express themselves at the workshops and the images and poems collected were integrated into the artwork.  A selection of the panels are shown below along with pictures of the panels and wood sculpture.

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